What is Google Password Checkup? And How to use Google Password Checkup Tool?

What is Google Password Checkup?

Password checkup is a security extension tool offered by Google for chrome browser, which tells whether the user’s current passwords have been hacked?

Are the user’s passwords subject to data bridge and are no longer secure?

If the user’s password is compromised, this tool alerts the user through a drop-down menu box.

And encourages them to change their password. This will help 4 million people change their passwords, whose usernames and passwords have been hacked

How to use Google Password Checkup Tool?

Google password checkup is very easy to use. For this, you just have to install & activate its google chrome extension.

For this, follow the following steps.

Step 1:

  • Open chrome browser on your computer.
  • Sign in with your Google account.
  • After that go to Chrome Web store.
  • Install Password checkup extension.

Step 2:

  • After installing the Password checkup extension, its icon will appear on the right side of the browser bar.
  • Now login to any site in Chrome browser.
  • If your password has been hacked, the color of the Password checkup extension will turn red and you will be advised to change the password.
  • If that password is not in the hacked list, the color of the extension will remain green and no warning will be shown.
  • We advise you to change your password after the password checkup warning, although there is no answer for you for this.

Step 3:

After installing the Password checkup extension, its icon will appear in the browser bar. You can right click on it and go to manage extensions to turn on/off the password checkup extension.

Or follow our steps.

Open Chrome browser on your computer.

Click on the three dot menu > extensions on the right side.

Search Password checkup in the Extension list.

Now you can turn the Password checkup extension on or off.

If you want, you can also clear the password checkup data. For this, go to password checkup advanced settings and click on clear extension data.

How to use Google’s new Password Checkup Tool :

Google has warned millions of users about their passwords being hacked. For this, Google has also added a Password checkup add-on feature to the Chrome browser, through which users can check their passwords. In this article, you will get information about what is Google Password Checkup Tool and how to use it.

According to Google, the reason behind the launch of this new feature is the hacking of usernames and passwords of 4 million users.

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With the help of Google’s password checkup tool, these people can check their passwords and find out if their password has been hacked or not, if yes, then they can change it.

Conclusion :

In this way, you can easily use Google password checkup tool and check the security of your password.

If for some reason you do not like this extension and find any flaws in it, then you can also send feedback to the team that created it.

You will get the option to send feedback in the password checkup extension itself.

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