What is Signal App? and how to download it :

What is Signal App?

If you are asked about the most popular app for chatting and messaging, then you will all unanimously agree that it is WhatsApp. But in the year 2021, WhatsApp changed its Terms and Services and talked about sharing the personal information of consumers with its parent company, Facebook.

WhatsApp users did not like this and started searching for an alternative to WhatsApp in full swing.

The name of the app that emerged as the winner in this competition is Signal.  The reason for the popularity of this app is its privacy policy.

Signal is also a multimedia application like WhatsApp, Twitter etc., through which Signal consumers can do end-to-end encrypted communication on any Apple, Android or PC devices.

Due to multimedia support, you can use this app to send text, group chat, voice messages, photos or videos. Again, all this information will be encrypted, meaning the privacy of consumers will be taken care of.

Who created the Signal App?

In 2014, Moxie Marlinspike started Signal. Marlinspike himself previously worked at Twitter.

In 2018, Brian Acton (who is the co-founder of WhatsApp) along with Marlinspike created a non-profit organization called Signal Foundation.

The Signal Foundation not only continued the development of the Signal App under the parent company but also maintained its free and open source policy.

On which platform can the Signal App be used?  Platforms which supports Signal App in Hindi

If we talk about the compatibility of Signal App, then all the existing platforms support it. Such as;

  • iOS
  • Computer Operating System (Windows/Mac/Linux)
  • Android

Benefits of Signal App :

Encrypted Data/More Privacy: The biggest advantage of Signal App is the safety of your personal information. The privacy feature has made it the most popular app of 2021.

Safety from Hacking: Signal is considered a hack-free app because for privacy protection, neither messages are saved on any server nor the metadata of consumers is taken. Hiding metadata means it is difficult to even find out the location of the message.

Proxy Support: If Signal is blocked in your country, you can use Signal Messenger on Android phones using a proxy.

Chat Wallpaper: Signal Messenger offers a wide selection of unique wallpapers that you can use as a background for your private chat or as a default wallpaper.

Typing Indicators: This optional feature will prevent the other person from seeing you typing a message.

 Delete for Everyone: If you accidentally send a wrong message in a group chat, then there is no need to panic. With the Delete for Everyone feature, you can easily delete the sent message from all groups.

@ Mentions in Group Chats: With this feature, you can send a message to a group by addressing it to a specific group member.

Dual SIM: You can register Signal with only one number at a time on one phone. That means Signal App cannot be run with two numbers on one mobile.

 Signal PIN: This is a special PIN that you use to protect your Signal profile, settings, contacts, etc., especially when you change your phone.

How to download Signal App :

You can download Signal App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. This app is available in the following categories on both stores:

  • Signal App for Android
  • Signal App for iOS
  • Signal App for PC
  • Signal App for Mac
  • Signal App for Linux

Is Signal App really private and secure? 

If we believe the founder of Signal App, then privacy is their main goal and under this, this app has taken some precautions which you do not get in other competitive apps.

In Signal, your calling, messages, video chat are all end-to-end encrypted.

Along with encryption, Signal also keeps metadata hidden.

Signal App does not store the data/chat of consumers on its server. Which means all the information remains in the consumer’s phone.

 Signal does not share any information of its consumers with any other company. That is why it is known as a non-profit organization.

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